Friday, December 1, 2017

ABOUT ME - Who is Adv4n6??

A little bit about my background for context as far as the blog goes. I am a former law enforcement officer / Detective for a mid-size Sheriff's Office in the Southeast US. In that role I was assigned to an Internet Crimes Against Children Task-force, as well as a United States Secret Service Electronic Crimes Task-force. My duties primarily involved the investigation and prosecution of crimes involving technology, with the majority of my cases being investigated in an undercover / covert manner.

In addition to the investigations I conducted, I was formally trained as a Digital Forensic Examiner conducting exams on both computers and mobile devices. I have conducted hundreds of forensic examinations and investigations in my career. Additionally I have attended over 500 hours of instruction in Digital Forensics, to include: the Basic Computer Evidence Recovery Training at the National Computer Forensics Institute, and the Basic Computer Forensic Examiner course put on by the International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists. I have multiple certifications to include the CFCE, CCE, and Cellebrite’s CCME.

I have since left law enforcement service, and am a digital forensic examiner for a private firm dealing with all manner of cases ranging from executive departure, IP theft, criminal defense and domestic litigation. Some may call it "going to the dark side"…but I call it getting paid for a set of skills earned over several years of dedicated public service. And I make no bones about it. We all have to do what we have to do for career progression, and to take care of our family. I dont fault anyone for making moves to do that.

Outside of my professional life, which is primarily what I will be writing about here, I am a "normal guy"--if not a bit of a tech geek / nerd. I love to read and learn about a wide variety of topics, from technology, to politics, to law, to...well, you get the idea.

Prior to entering Law Enforcement I was an Infantryman in the Army, and have been around the world to such exotic locales as Afghanistan and Iraq. Best job I ever had. Im very thankful for the people I met and the experiences I had -- They have truly helped shape me.

When not geeking out, I love to tinker with my Jeep, ride my motorcycles, travel, and spend time with my family which includes a beautiful, understanding and loving wife, and a manic Belgian Malinois. If there is ever anything I can assist you with - dont hesitate to give a shout!